Hello everyone. Thank you for all your extremely positive comments and feedback. Really good to know we're on the right track. We're displaying the feedback we've received upon the site's launch, with a few responses from us. Mostly we just like to hear what you have to say so please keep writing. We're keeping things anonymous for those of you that prefer it so.

On another note, the international flavour of Omni is quite apparent on this page, which we would like to encourage. Even in the opening pages of the comic on show here you can see some German - naturally enough, as Omni is German! - and as the story progresses Spanish, French and Japanese get a considerable look in. This is 2036 though, so there may be a bit of language-wrangling going on.

Till then, please keep writing.

Auf wiedersehen, amigos!

- Anu

Jun 4, 2008
"gosh they dont look happy in 2036......
hope I can do invisible by then,.... as did the 'pages' at least on my slooowww line. Each pic took 45 secs to load
Await with interest"
-S. (UK)

Interesting comment, S., as we consider Omni very positive overall. We realised, after taking in what you said, that many of the more 'positive and happy' characters appear to be absent from the gallery. Also, a lot of the light, humour and spirit is in the actual narrative. So you haven't seen the full spectrum yet! - Anu

June 5, 2008
"Woohooo! It's so awesome to see this taking form. The site looks great, you did a good job."
-B.D.S. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"Wow great, I love it and can't wait for more already! xx"
-D.R. (UK)

June 5, 2008
"hey that looks great.
let me know the ISBN when it«s ready for the market.
hope you do all good and have JOY!"
-A.B. (France)

June 5, 2008
"hi Pramada,

wow..! very cool

really well done. as you know, i never read comics, so i have no idea
what other people are doing, but this looks pretty unique to me...

good on ya, baba!"
-K.W. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"That's pretty cool Pramada, you're going to have to post more, you can't keep us hanging like that... ;P

I hope you have good luck finding an interested publisher."
-D.B. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"Totally awesome! Need to know what happens next!"
-S.K. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"Very cool, Pramada. You're a talented artist. I like the plot description of the comic series too. It sounds original and interesting."
-J.S. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"Man, this is great.. I knew you could rock with Maya but I had no idea you can draw too :) Nice stuff."
-D.S. (USA)

June 5, 2008
-L.S. (Australia)

June 5, 2008
"love, love, love the illustration! really it's gorgeous! i can't say enough about it. it's beautiful."
-M.M. (USA)

June 5, 2008 10:03am

Who cares? Fuck you and Anu, whoever the fuck that is. You have no talent. Give it up.

-J.S. (USA)

Hey J, how you doing? See you Tues as per usual. Your turn to buy. - Anu

June 5, 2008
"Good work Pramada and Anu. I think the drawings and colors are great, it really holds together well! I would love to see more!"
-S.G. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"HI Pramada,

Thanks for the preview, I enjoyed reading and looking at the characters.
Very creative, I hope you find a publisher."
-D.A. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"P, thats awesome. Keep em coming."
- B.J. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"Hey Peanut!

J.S. (USA)

June 5, 2008
"WICKED!!! wicked wicked!!! COOOOOL as fuck! Cant say enough how good that is! Funny thing this universe.... I was driving with A.S. she was talking about your drawings and graphic design & I was thinking of your graphic novel abilities. We both concurred that it would be a grand waste for us all if you didn't keep drawing. I think this is the best work I have seen from you yet!!! Great premiss, cool style and I would love to see a print version! What size are you going to do? I think it should be BIG! "
S.M. (USA)

Jun 5, 2008
"Well, I wish you real luck with your project, I do think it looks worth it, I like the design - it's quite powerful and should attract attention - even in the ocean of this kind of work. It's really artful - and I am sure the text is 'la hauteur'."
S.K. (Portugal)

We think so! But you'll have to wait until the full story unfolds to know for sure. - Anu

June 5, 2008
"How totally fantastic. I love your comic. Beautiful artwork. great story. Really good!"
Y.C. (USA)

June 6, 2008
"Hi Anu, love the comic, it's really clean. That sounds a bit weird but the words and images really gel beautifully! hope you get some attention from the publishers!"
L.P. (UK)

June 6, 2008
"hey, what to say all the comments i'm looking at are exactly what i'm trying to say.

last time i saw you it was in preparation and now........

nice one"
D. (Holland)

June 6, 2008
"i am impressed, good idea....i like to read more also i did not get to understand the end of the comic. I like to read more and see more....."
-N.B. (Germany)

That's not the end of the comic, you'll be glad to hear! The remaining pages of the first issue still need to be completed. This takes time and even though Pramada has promised to forego sleep until it's done, he still has other commitments. If a publisher waves their magic wand and actually starts to pay us, then everything will be accelerated. We're working on this. Keep watching to see what happens... - Anu

June 6, 2008
"Hej Šlskade, du Šr sŒŒŒ coool. Hoppas det blir ett kanonresultat!!!!"
J.W. (Sweden)

Tjänare, J. Tack så mycket!! - Anu

June 7, 2008
"Hi Pramada!
I look at your website this morning as I have time now.....and wow....I am impressed, and I love the style of drawing and I love spiritual Sci-fi story angle.The Galery is great,with all the sketches of caracters.
I myself have a big collection of "bande dessin┼Że"....
Moebius,Bilal,Jodorosky,Fred,Rosinsky Gimenez, Manara,Carlos Nine, etc,etc
Will it be print on paper?
if yes,I want one copy,that is for sure,to add to my passion...
keep me posted and wish that Omni has a long life...."
-D.P.S. (Canada)

Yes, our intention is to get it printed on paper, hence our need to find a publisher. - Anu

June 8, 2008
"Hey bro,
Fan va coolt..riktigt cool story, gillar stilen..ser fram emot Πse mer :)"
-C.L. (Sweden)

June 8, 2008
"Wow! The artwork is fabulous! Pretty mind blowing really."
S.S. (USA)

June 9, 2008
"you are great ..artist as i remember ..fantastic work ..lots"
T.P. ( Italy)

June 10, 2008
"Very cool! Nice work."
-M.A. (USA)

June 11, 2008
"Yo Yo Yo.Wicked comic.
Inspiring ,the story sounds great and the art is really nice.
Well done! keep going strong and follow your dreams.and i expect free copies for teaching you everything you know."
W.B. (Sweden)