OMNI: MAN OF NOTHING is in the process of becoming a full color ongoing comic series intended for mature readers.

Omni is a refreshing look at the human and meta-human evolution and condition, rooted in an amalgamation of physics and mysticism.

The protagonist is an aerial acrobat in his early twenties who, after witnessing his parents being assassinated by a mysterious pilot, is transported from 1930s Germany to California in 2036. He is taken in by a single mother and her psychic daughter who explain about The Shift, an event at the end of 2012 which wiped out much of the human race, while simultaneously evolving the survivors and the rest of life on Earth, to varying degrees. Some of the survivors and their children have developed special abilities. They and their gifts are known as potentiae.

The man comes to be known as Omni. He has little awareness of who he really is or what he is doing 100 years and 1000s of miles from his home. As he meets a colorful cast of characters though, it becomes clear that he too is potentiae – not with one or two but innumerable potentiae that increase exponentially. Despite this, his early attempts to fly and exercise other gifts are inept, slow and often funny.

In this strange new world, he discovers that where most people are looking to build a New Earth, a utopia, others still have darker agendas...